Delmont Memory Clinic

The Delmont Memory Clinic has merged into Delmont Aged Psychiatry Services

Doctors affiliated with this service include:

Delmont Consulting Suites
300 Warrigal Road Glen Iris, Victoria
Telephone - (03) 9834 3600
FAX - (03) 9834 3666

  • Dr Peter Drysdale
  • Dr Eli Kotler
  • Dr Ramon Mocellin
  • Associate Professor Dhiren Singh
  • Dr Vinit Mathur

The Warrigal House Consulting Suites
403 Warrigal Road Burwood, Victoria
Telephone - (03) 9808 8200
FAX - (03) 9808 8211

  • Associate Professor John Drago (Neurologist)
  • Associate Professor Steve MacFarlane
  • Associate Professor Krishna Vaddadi
  • Dr Ben Harris (Neuropsychologist)

The Delmont Aged Psychiatrists may use memory tests in their consultations to assist in their assessment of the patient. Once diagnosis is made, a management plan will be provided to the patient through the course of the illness.

The patient's GP needs to provide a referral directed to one of the Delmont Aged Specialists at either location. Once the referral is accepted, the patient will receive an appointment and be contacted by a Consulting Suite's receptionist.

Need Help?

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