Delmont celebrates of 50 years of Your Care in Mind


Delmont Private Hospital is proud to commemorate 50 years of patient care in mental health and supporting our medical and general communities.  Our services consist of inpatient services, group therapy programs and consultations with mental health specialists.

We recognize the growing demand for private individual care by our most recent redevelopment in 2012 with an increase to an 88-bed facility. In addition, we currently have over 55+ mental health specialists and 55+ group therapy programs for your patients’ needs.

Whilst we reflect on this historical milestone of 50 years, we also look to the future.  Delmont values all relationships established over the many years.  It is from these relationships that we can identify and discuss new concepts for the benefit of all mental health patients both now and in the future.

April 2019


Best Practice Australia Applauds Delmont's Culture

As a leading provider of mental health services, Delmont Private Hospital has been recognised by Best Practice Australia as having a culture of success.

An independent staff survey in November 2018 conducted by Best Practice Australia found Delmont Private Hospital rated 106 times above all Benchmarking Norms.

Delmont Private is an 88-bed facility with more than 50 mental health specialists and undertakes more than 55 different group therapy programs. The Hospital has 250 employees across its location that serves Melbourne’s east.

The survey revealed Delmont Private achieved a 70% level of engagement with their culture of success and was recognised with these best scoring attributes:

  • Delmont provides effective support services to their client base.
  • Delmont's workplace is free from sexual harassment.
  • In respect to Gender Equality, supervisors/managers genuinely support equality between men and women.
  • Delmont is focused on meeting the needs of the clients its serves.

Positive hospital culture

Delmont values itself as a high-profile leader in the provision of private mental health services. It aims to incorporate values of professionalism, integrity, flexibility and compassion in relationships within Delmont as well as with its patients.

The results show an improvement from the previous survey and demonstrate that Delmont is a “Truly Great Place to Work”, according to Best Practice Australia.

Best Practice Australia, an independent Australian research company, is one of the leading providers of engagement surveys. The results produced from this particular survey are generally accepted as superior to those achieved by other means and are accepted as the standard way of complying with ethical requirements.

Delmont Private Hospital utilises Best Practice Australia to provide quality results that ensure quality standards are maintained and to optimise opportunities on the outcomes.

This survey validates Delmont’s staff allegiance to its culture in providing best optimal care for their patients as well as in making Delmont a truly great place to work.

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