For your convenience, here is a list of the most common questions that is asked by the medical community. If there are any other questions that do not appear on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I go about being admitted to the Inpatient Service?

You may only be admitted to Delmont's inpatient service by a Delmont accredited psychiatrist. If you are not presently seeing a psychiatrist, you will need a referral from your general practitioner.

Should you require more urgent attention from a psychiatrist, your general practitioner may call Delmont direct and speak with our Hospital Co-ordinator to arrange an urgent assessment/admission.

When is the next GP Education event?

The GP Education events are scheduled throughout the calendar year. If you are not receiving current email notifications, please register at


When is the next Foundations of Psychopharmacolgy/Masterclass?

The schedulefor these unique seminars is determine early in the calendar year. If you wish to receive notification of each one, please register your details at